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About This Blog


“To learn for as long as you live.”

I love to learn, even though I’m not exctly a good learner. However, with my many interests in a wide variety of topics, together with work and life, it seems that there is just too much to learn and too little time.

One day I chanced upon a course from the MOOC platform Coursera, called Learning How To Learn. The course gave insights to how our brain works, and taught skills and techniques on how to learn better.

My quest to become a better and more effective learner is encouraged and motivated by the course, and henceforth, I created this blog. While part of the course’s assignment project is to educate others about certain topics of the course, apart from completing this assignment, I meant for this blog as a learning journal, and eventually, a record of my learning outcomes.

Soon after I took up Become A SuperLearner from Udemy which teaches some memory techniques and speed reading. Gradually, this website expands to include information about the human brain, the human mind and human conscious, how to improve learning and memory, the various memory techniques and other resources.

The name of this blog, Translucent Path, is inspired from one of my favorite Japanese incense, Shokaku, by the Japanese incense company Shoyeido. It has a light, clean and clear fragrance which gives an ethereal atmosphere. The tranquility brought out by the incense calms my mind and helps me bring my focus to the present.

To readers who are interested in fragrances and incenses, there is a review about the incense here “Incense Review – Translucent Path”.